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Supplies, etc...

For those of you who might be interested in these details, we thought we'd share some about the materials and supplies that we're going to use for this 31 days of painting.  As you can imagine, when you set out to spend a continuous, hopefully uninterrupted, session outside painting, you have to plan ahead and have it all ready to go on Day 1!

Dottie and I don't use all of the same materials, easels, or other supplies, but in many cases we do.

We're both using a limited, split-complimentary palette during the month.  This is the same palette we're going to be teaching with this Winter and Spring.  For the last few weeks we've been out getting used to it and to the linen panels we're painting on.

Below is what we've decided on to simplify things somewhat.


PALETTE- (Marc's brand/Dotties brand)
Titanium White (Utrecht), W&N 'Griffon' Alkyd Titanium White (mixed w/titanium for drying)
Cadmium Yellow Lemon (M.Graham/Gamblin)
Cadmium Yellow Deep (Rembrandt)
Cadmium Red Light (M.Graham/Gamblin)
Alizarin Permanent (Gamblin)
Ultramarine Blue (M.Graham/Gamblin)
Manganese Blue Hue (M.Graham)
Ivory Black (Utrecht/Gamblin)

We have stocked up on two different type of panels. Three factors we considered... 1- $$$ Cost (186 or more panels for the month is a lot of panels to either make or purchase.  These Centurion universal primed panels are a good compromise), 2- I will probably paints some acrylics so I needed an acrylic primed surface, not oil, 3- We wanted some with a linen texture and some smooth so we have stocked up on both.  Some panels will get toned with an acrylic wash ahead of time, some left white.
9"x12" Centurion Universal Primed Linen Panels
9"x12" - 1/8" MDF hardboard panels (from Sourcetek) that we've primed with Lacaux Acrylic 'Gesso'.

We both use an array of various makes of brushes, both hog bristle and synthetic bristle brushes. Listed are a few examples-
Rosemary Brushes - Ivory, Ultimate, Evergreen, Eclipse & Classic
Utrecht - Rhenish
Robert Simmon's - Simply Simmon's, Signet
Cheap hardware store Chinese hog bristle brushes 1/2" - 1-1/2". (The $.79 cent to $2.00 variety)

10x12 OpenBoxM (Marc)
Strada Standard (Dottie)

Gamblin Galkyd Gel
Gamblin Cold Wax Medium


Bug spray, Sunscreen and Flip Flops!


                                                              ACRYLIC SUPPLIES

Marc does paint with acrylic from time to time, and probably will during this month long event.  I've been asked to list the acrylic supplies for those of you who also like to use that medium.  Below is my list...

I use two different acrylic brands/types.  My main paint for plein air work is Golden 'Open' Acrylic.  These are the slow drying acrylics which makes them ideal for plein air work, especially if it's warm or the wind is blowing, or both.  They can be spritzed with water to keep them 'open', workable, an advantage for blending, modeling, etc..  These paints solve two of the issues that can be frustrating about acrylics, the fast drying, and the value shift that happens as they dry.  They hold value very well.  A trade off is that they do not have much body as they dry.  To achieve that you have to add a Gel that will hold up the brush strokes.  Some of the palette colors with the color characteristics that I like, have different names.  They do the same job.

Titanium White
Cadmium Yellow Primrose (This is the replacement on my palette for Cadmium Lemon Yellow)
Diarylide Yellow (This is the replacement on my palette for Cadmium Yellow Deep)
Cadmium Red Light
Quinacridone Burnt Orange
Alizarin Crimson
Ultramarine Blue
Manganese Blue Hue
Ivory Black

The other brand, Utrecht, is a faster drying, heavy body acrylic.  They're also very good at holding value, and hold up a pretty good brush stroke when dry.  They dry very fast though.  Utrecht palette color names are pretty standard.

Titanium White
Cadmium Lemon Yellow
Cadmium Yellow Deep
Cadmium Red Light
Quinacridone Red or Crimson (This is a change to my normal palette colors)
Ultramarine Blue
Viridian Hue (This is also a change as they don't make a Manganese Blue hue)

Only mediums I use are Heavy Gel, Satin Glazing Medium, Retarder Gel (And I use them very seldom).

I use standard hog bristle brushes in the same sizes as for oil paints.  The main thing is not to let them sit in a water bath for long or they get very soft and lose their shape.
Another brush that I use a lot is the Princeton Catalyst Polytip in the same sizes as mentioned above. They're a very nice, very stiff, synthetic that you can leave sitting in a water bath.

This is the key to keeping the acrylics wet, and for holding them overnight.  I use two, one for the Golden Open, and one for the quicker drying Utrecht heavy body paints.

When painting with the Golden Open paint, I don't use the paper sheets or the sponge that comes with the palette.  I lay them out directly onto the plastic bottom and use that as my mixing area.  They can be cleaned up so easily that the paper inserts aren't necessary.  And they stay wet, especially with the lid on (I've had them in one for almost a year and they didn't dry out), so the sponge is completely unnecessary.

For the Utrecht paints, I don't use the sponge that comes with it, but do stick in a 12x16 waxed paper palette pad that I mix on, then toss when it's too messed up.  I place my paints out on paper towels that I fold so that they're about 2" wide.  Then I wet them, place the acrylics onto them, and the paint stays wet for quite a long time.  An occasional spritzing with water keeps them from skinning over.  When I change out the palette paper I simply lift up each paper towel strip with the paint on it and set aside, change the palette paper, then lay the paper towel strips back down to resume painting.

PANELS, EASELS, MISC. SUPPLIES... Same as the list above for oil painting.

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